About us

The owners of First Texas Tactical are not just workers and managers running a company, we are all shooters. And we all personally use the products that we make and sell. While we specialize in the AR 15 and LR 308, we also work on Glock's, 1911's, and Springfield Armory pistols.

Because of our experience we are able to not only build quality products, but help you the customer, with your projects, large or small. Whether you buy the parts from us or a competitor we're still here to answer your questions if you need help with your build or the accessories you're interested in.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We don't consider any question stupid or beneath us. You, whether you've been shooting for years or just bought your first firearm, will be treated with respect and not talked down to. If you need help please give us a call.

We are a small Texas company with one armorer available near Dallas, TX if you need help with an AR build, but most of the other products we carry are only available online. The owners are either military veterans or family members of veterans, who have been selling upper assemblies for the past five years.

The gunsmiths and builders at First Texas Tactical have over 40 years combined experience, led by an ex-Army Armorer. Our uppers are torqued to military specs & quality checked continuously.

We offer parts and accessories for the customer who wants to build their own, some of which are imported, but when it comes to our upper assembly models, they are all made here in Texas, and with the exception of some of the handguards, every other component is completely Made in the USA

We hope to have our own Cerakote and Gun Kote application operation running again in the near future. On that note, if you are already an applicator or have airbrush experience and are interested in getting involved please get in touch.